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Highlighting bad website updates

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Another one that completely neutered their site in the latest ‘update’  Notably the page selling phones.  The previous page listed sufficient details for each phone in an easy to read, concise assortment.  The new page is scattered all over the place with little or no real details about each device.  Even clicking into the ‘Detail’ page shows little of relevance.  One now needs to go offsite to other comparison sites to find the nitty gritty details like operating system versions..

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eBay Communities

Not much to be said about one of the worst updates ever.  They took a vibrant, thriving community and turned it into a dysfunctional sham where members are often threatened and disciplined for saying things the site feels is detrimental to their fragile image.



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In the last week or so, they have ‘updated’ the Informed Delivery site making it far less informed and useful than the previous version.  It often fails to load now also getting errors indicating the site is not available..  When it does work, things are spread out more requiring more clicks and page loads to find less detailed information over all.

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